Amrut Spectrum

Amrut Spectrum

One of the uniquest whisky malt in the world,to make this whisky malts were initially matured for a period of 3 years in ex-Bourbon barrels after which they were transferred to a custom built barrel. This barrel was constructed at an undisclosed location in Europe with the help of a few experts. Whisky is traditionally aged in a barrel made of one type of wood, which lends the flavor and complexities to the malt, however, Amrut Spectrum in matured in a barrel with five different types of wood.

Perhaps for the first time, we have asked a whisky club to give a go on Official

Tasting Notes :

Tasting Notes from Biskopen Gustavs Maltklubb

Nose: raisins, rum, nougat, figs, oranges, tiramisu, cocoa, caramel, coffee, dried fruit, burnt rubber.

Palate: sherry, rum, butterscotch, chocolate, prunes, molasses, pecans, walnuts, almonds, English wine gum.

Finish: caramelized almonds, old cognac, apricots, Brazil nuts.

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