Chairman's Statement

Production of alcoholic beverages is an ancient industry in India with a history that runs nearly parallel to the history of the nation itself. Formal recognition of it as an industry came in the mid-19th century during the British Raj. Amrut Distilleries Private Ltd is among the proud pioneers of the industry in independent India, having commenced operations in 1948, that is, just after Independence.

From modest beginnings as a small blending and bottling unit under our late founder, my father Shri Radhakrishna Jagdale, Amrut Distilleries has, in the decades since, seen quantum improvements in the art of distillation of high quality malt and grape brandies. This has been fuelled by unremitting R&D of the maturation of quality spirits to bring them to international standards.

Concurrently, we have also honed our blending and packaging skills by a judicious blend of in-house creativity and the guidance of international experts. The result is that Amrut Distilleries is today known as much for its adherence to tradition as for its inventive blends.

The group is driven by the traditional values of family ownership and of deep involvement of the family in running the business. While this could sometimes prove to be a limitation, we have successfully fused external talent with family management. This has been so successful that each stakeholder both feels and is treated as part of the family unit. The results show in every facet of our business, with Operations, Financial Management and Human Relations all headed and run by professional managers.

Our aim is to serve the discerning consumer with highly value-added products and to couple quality with affordability. While our growth in quantitative and financial terms has been exponential, what distinguishes us from the mundane is our commitment to social causes, a commitment evidenced by our sustained contributions to sports and philanthropy.

Our commitment to consumers and our message of responsible consumption of alcohol is enshrined in our thoughts and actions. As a result of more than 60 years of toil, we have scaled heights that few would have predicted when we began. But we believe that the future promises to be even more exciting. While keeping our values intact, we have stepped into the new millennium with a third generation of committed family and senior and junior staff. What sustains us in this most challenging business of alcoholic beverages is an amalgam of our commitment to quality, the zeal to experiment, the support of our customers and the unflagging dedication of our staff. All this is fortified by a confidence in ourselves and our value systems.


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