Mission Statement

To deliver consistent and increasing value accretion to all stakeholders shareholders, customers, employees and the general public by:

• Building on our history of product excellence and innovation.

• Delivering quality products that surpass customer aspirations at lowest-in-class prices.

• The pursuit of distinction through aggressive R&D programmes and by continuous learning and knowledge upgrade.

• According the highest priority to cost control and to efficient and economical, but safe, methods of production.

• The application of state-of-the-art technology both in production and in office automation.

• Promoting a culture of excellence through the provision of safe and congenial working conditions and atmosphere and by the encouragement of open debate.

• Attracting and retaining superior talent by providing for their career ambitions.

• The practice of transparency and integrity in our dealings with everyone.

• Promoting inclusive growth by making a contribution to society so that we, and the society as a whole, grow together.

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